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Freelance Blogger &

Hello, my name is Tanya and I’m a UK-based freelance Copywriter and Blogger for hire. Whilst my industry experience is diverse, the majority of the content I create is related to Health, Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle... 

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My Credentials:

Freelance Writer for hire with 3+ years of copywriting experience
Birmingham University Business Management Graduate
Accredited Social Media Marketing Masterclass
Freelance Writing Diploma: Grade - Distinction
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Business to Business


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Sale Branding

Professional content creation and digital marketing are two very crucial tools  for any business to adopt in order to complete an end-to-end content strategy. Content creation is present in any successful marketing strategy based around four key components:  Initiate - Connect - Engage - Establish! Content is the backbone to any successful marketing strategy and present throughout the entire chain regardless of the target audience B2B or B2C...

E-commerce businesses rely on digital marketing, which includes social media, to be able to get their brand out there for the world to see! Regular, consistent and optimized web copy can be one of the most proficient ways to increase online traffic. Never underestimate the power that blog posts and newsletters hold; they can increase web traffic up to 80% within as little as 6 months! Want to find out more? Hit that contact button and drop me an email...


"Tanya is a very hard working and creative blogger. She delivers projects on time, and also goes into a project with both enthusiasm and curiosity."


"I have been so impressed with the copy Tanya has created for me. It is always well researched, on target and skilfully written."


Tanya is a good quality writer with the ability to research the topic in question. A very approachable and dependable writer. 


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