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Portfolio Picks

Take a peek at some of the content I've created for multiple businesses. If you'd like to see samples specific to your industry, just shoot me an email, and I'll be happy to provide them.

Image by Jeremy Thomas

"Bath, Body & Face - A trio to welcome you into Autumn"

Autumn has finally arrived bringing with it crisp fallen leaves, spiced coffee and pumpkin-inspired everything!


"The powerhouse ingredient - Glycerine"

If we were to ask you to have a look through your current collection of skincare and cosmetic products...




There is a plethora of misinformation out there  especially within the beauty industry. 

Washing Hands

"How parents feel about skin care for their children"

There is a common misconception regarding skincare that it is not an essential part of self-care...


"Our day to night time routine - step by step"

Are you struggling to maintain a consistent skincare routine that works for both day and night? Look no further...

Blush and Brush_edited.jpg

"The ultimate makeup brush guide: Our top 5 brushes"

The best makeup look you can serve is the one that makes you feel the most empowered!

Laptop and Notebook

"How to Change MacBook Name?"

For your comfort, let’s start with a quick answer first. To change your Macbook name, you need to:


"What are Bovine Collagen Peptides?"

When it comes to Nutritional supplements, it can be difficult to find the answers to the most sensible questions.

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