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The top tools Freelancers swear by:

Freelancing is all about working for yourself, setting your working hours and managing your workload but that doesn't mean it's always easy to keep track of everything!

That's why freelancers need to have the right tools!

In this blog post, I'll share with you, the top three tools that I think are essential for freelancers. They also just so happen to be tools that I, myself cannot work without! I hope that sharing with you the very tools I use daily, can help you to keep track of your tasks, improve your communication with your clients, and manage your finances. If these are all key areas you are looking for some support in, then I hope you find today's blog both insightful and helpful.

So, let's get on with it, shall we?...

Project and content management tool(s):

For all things project management, and planning out my content (for both work and personal), I like to switch it up between one or two different platforms/ tools. I find both Asana and Canva very effective at helping me manage content deadlines, task updates, content plans and scheduling work! I especially enjoy using Canva to help me create and plan social media content ahead of time as with Canva Pro - I can schedule posts well in advance with all the images, audio, tags and captions all ready to go. Whereas, I like to use Asana for planning assignments and tasks that have a specific deadline for me to get them done by a pre-agreed date or time.

Both of these tools are a must for my day-to-day working life, even though I do also have a physical work diary to keep note of assignment deadlines and content plans; having an automated system does help tremendously at keeping my work organised and on schedule.

Communication tool (s):

Another key aspect of freelancing is, of course, communication. It's vital to stay in touch with clients (whether new, recurring, demanding at times or even for prospecting new leads) as well as other collaborators, agencies or fellow freelancers! One of the best tools, for me, to stay connected - in a professional manner - is Zoom, It's more for video calls yes which are great for introducing yourself and gathering information on a new client. Although, for the times when a Zoom call is not always necessary or an option, then Slack is another great tool. It works like a professional message-sharing platform that allows for collaborations and sharing of files. It even has a built-in call feature of its own.

I do also like to use LinkedIn to stay connected, build new working relationships and share helpful advice!

Invoicing tool (s):

"Because it's important to make sure invoices are professional and include ALL the key information to get paid on time and correctly!"

Now, I don't use any highly sophisticated software or bookkeeping tools when it comes to invoicing or finances as I like to have a physical handwritten copy of everything as well as digital invoice receipts - that's just my way of doing things. Although, some tools that I know are very popular and helpful for those looking to manage finances, send invoices and track payments all in one can rely on tools like Paypal and platforms like Freshbooks. I like to use a professional Canva-designed invoice template that I adopt and send as and when I need to; this system still has a digital paper trail as everything is sent via email or on professional platforms so that there is always a record of what has been sent to whom and when.

For some things, like finances, I do keep simplistic and follow a system that works well for me but every freelancer is different!

So that brings us nicely to the end of today's blog post. These were just a couple of the tools I find very useful being a freelancer. The best tools for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you're a freelancer, I encourage you to check out the tools I've mentioned in this blog post.

They can help you be more productive, organized, and therefore focus more time on your work!

I hope you too find these tools both useful and easy to get along with. The likelihood that you are already using a combination of these is high, so if that's the case; I hope they are making your work life easier and more manageable. If you do want some further assistance or help navigating these tools and features then leave a comment down below.

Otherwise, have a great rest of your week and good luck with your Freelancing journey. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again one day...

All the best,



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