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All The Books That Helped Me As A Freelancer:

Spoiler: There were none! We'll none that helped me anyway...

Now don't get me wrong there are plenty of books out there aimed at supporting freelancers across all the different fields and industries; I just thought that the amount targeted towards copywriters was a little sparse.

I'm sure if you went on Google right now and searched for "Freelance Copywriting Books" plenty would pop up and I'm sure each one could be useful to you. I just found that for me, the books were more leaning towards the theory side of writing and not much about how to put that into action in a way that resonated with my plans for how to operate.

That's why I stopped buying eBook after eBook all with the buzzword 'Copywriter' in the title and decided to switch it up...

I wouldn't say I ditched the idea of reading books, I just went in search of first-hand advice and guidance from lived experience and what better way to gain real-life insight than...


Yes, you read that correctly, I went onto YouTube and searched for channels that were targeted towards fresh freelancers looking for practical advice starting in the freelancing world. I was quickly able to find a few different individuals who shared not just their own lived experiences, but also vital resources and support that I still remember and utilise today.

From one single YouTube video, I was able to get a free copy of a 'blank writers agreement' that I would be able to edit and use for my clients over time. Not only that, I was made aware of some great newsletters, blogs and websites that were full of free resources.

Getting advice from someone you could see and feel as though you can identify with (that you can't always imagine with a theory-based book) helped me learn a lot about not just freelancing but also about myself.

I learnt a lot from some many different YouTubers that it would be hard to be able to credit them all in one blog post (plus I don't think I could remember them all).

But, if you are always looking for more advice and support along your freelancing journey (whether you are a newbie or have been writing for a while) there are so many helpful resources out there beyond just books...

YouTube being the main one, then LinkedIn as a close second of course!

I have spoken about how much of a treasure trove LinkedIn can be for freelancers so I will refrain from reporting myself again but if you're looking for work opportunities, additional resources, blogs or newsletters to subscribe to you can be sure that LinkedIn will be the place to find them!

That is it for today's quick post, I just wanted to share my thoughts on looking for a relying solely on books to help guide you through the world of freelancing; whilst they can be helpful - for me nothing beats interacting with the writer's community on LinkedIn and going on YouTube for additional support.

Good luck with your journey, I hope you find the best resources for you and your needs.

Any questions, drop me a comment below



If you are looking for additional support, you can follow me on BuyMeACoffee where each week I share a Freelance Writers Newsletter filled with potential work opportunities. There is also some free content that you can download.

I also try to post regularly over on LinkedIn sharing tips, tricks and advice. I do have some articles I've written on there you may find helpful!

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