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2024 | Blog Loading...

Happy New Year - yes I know this is being posted over a week into the new year but I say there's a two-week period before saying Happy New Year is a little late so im all good!

Today's blog will not be like anything I've posted in a while; it will just be a fancy-looking list of what content I plan to cover this year.

The main reason for this post today is to remind you all that I am still planning on posting, everything just dropped off a little at the end of last year around the festive period.


My plans for the blog this year:

➡️ A mini-series that will guide you through setting up and creating an online portfolio.

➡️ An entire space or business owner looking to find out more about hiring a freelancer.

➡️ More freelancer top tips: Lead generation, cold-pitching and email templates.

➡️ Exclusive access to a brand new project that I've had in the works! *more details soon!

➡️ How to posts with supporting visuals guiding you through branding to your website.

➡️ Advice on how to price up your work to ensure your return is paying your bills

➡️ + so much more!

That's it for today's post, the first one for 2024! I know it was short and just a long list of topics/ subjects that I plan to cover (not too exciting) but I promise the content itself - when it comes- will be much more engaging.

This space, after all, is to help provide guidance and support for fellow creatives who are trying to navigate the world of freelancing!

"A rewarding yet very challenging path to succes!"

Until the next post,




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