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The services I offer as a freelance Copywriter and Blogger...

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Articles and Blog posts 

Articles and blog posts can provide opportunities for your target audience to connect with your brand. They can be the most engaging form of web copy that holds the greatest amount of power. An instructional blog post or an informative article can become very helpful for your target audience. What's more, they are great for brand exposure due to SEO! 

Email Campaigns & Newseletters

Creating and publishing great quality web copy is only a part of the puzzle; now it needs to be seen by your target audience!  This is where newsletters, email templates and campaigns come into play. Generating as well as engaging with a subscriber list is crucial to getting yourself seen! A subscriber list means people want to know more; you just need to supply them with that information!

Social media marketing

Web copy is published, subscriber's list is growing and emails are flying out! But, something is still missing or engagement appears a little slow; well then it's time to switch it up on social media! It's the BEST method of getting your brand seen; which in turn brings in more business organically with minimal effort needed. There is an art to social media; it all comes down to trends & quality!